“We are all born with a gift and humanity needs you to find yours now more than ever.  I’m meant for great things, and So Are You!”

Ocean Eagle

Writer // Author

Ocean Eagle

Ocean Eagle’s life’s trajectory was forever altered on May 4th, 2019 in his first Shamanic Breathwork session in Sedona, Arizona.  While at the “The Gathering of the Shamans”, he attended a Shamanic Breathwork workshop with 85 souls and the session blew Ocean Eagle’s heart apart.  The expansion of love for humanity and Mother Earth was overwhelming. He went back home to Sacramento and changed One Thing……Everything!  Most never receive a calling and if they do, they cannot muster the courage to Surrender to it.  Ocean’s calling could not be denied and the expansion opened courage within to follow it fearlessly! He walked away from a life of financial comfort to be set free and now sees the world through a new lens.

“I am amazed at how much my life has changed in one year since meeting Ocean. He genuinely cares for Humanity and I highly recommend Ocean Eagle’s Books, Activation Breathwork, Retreats, and Mentorship!!!”  – Dr. Angie Cross

“Ocean Eagle says “you are the architect of your inner blueprint.”  Being a man who has made and lost millions and now mentors entrepreneurs from all over the world, I couldn’t agree more!”

“Create your reality from within or the outside world will create one for you.”

~Ocean Eagle, Bestselling Author