“Create your reality from within or the outside world will create one for you.”

~Ocean Eagle, Bestselling Author

Motivational Self-Help // Inspirational

The Gift of Inspirations: You Must Lose Your Mind to Find Your Heart Explorer

As Ocean began to journey from his illusionary 3D existence and into what he calls “The Universal Frequency Matrix” of his higher self, he realized there were guides helping him in many ways. The spoken word has such strength and power to alter one’s trajectory in life. When he looked back through his life, the realization of many such moments became crystal clear. As you read this book, maybe search within for that teacher, friend, parent, relative, spiritual guide, child, or mentor who said something to you that you never forgot. Turn inward and ask yourself why that word or phrase inspired you to make changes in your way of thinking and life choices. Ocean realized when these moments happen, a new beacon of light shines within and our “Higher Self” calls us back home to our True Essence!


“We are all born with a gift and humanity needs you to find yours now more than ever. I’m meant for great things, and So Are You!”

Foreword by Kevin Harrington

Original Shark from ABC’s “Shark Tank” and Bestselling Author

“I believe we are blessed with gifts that change the trajectory of our path at the times when we need it most. Ocean Eagle was gifted the opportunity to start over when he was met with warm words of steadfast encouragement at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He began a new life and dedicated each day after that to discovering his true self. This new person would go on to become a spiritual seeker and a guide for others who are also seeking. In his journey, Ocean Eagle would face the highs and lows of sifting through the habits, emotions, and beliefs that didn’t serve him. Digging deep to work through shame, guilt, fear, and self-doubt, he documented this recovery and rebirth. The pages of this book are a guide for others that are looking in that same direction, whether just curious or completely devoted to change.”