“This book is a powerful transmission to be in the highest vibration. Really love the simplicity of language in the book. It’s easily sharable in a circle space or healing room for divine guidance! Thank you!”

“Loved the way it is written, easy and simple to understand. I can relate to the inspirations daily.”

“I am sensitive to energy and I could feel the light of this book right away. I love the simplicity and the depth of the inspirations. I plan to bring them into meditation and experience the shift through my daily practice. I am grateful that I have this book for myself and a place to refer others. Thank you for creating this!”

“Ocean Eagle has put together many inspirational quotes that we can all use for our personal insights and growth. I like referring to the book, picking a page that has personal meaning, writing it down and using it as my focus for the day. Some of my favorites were. “If you’re afraid of speaking your mind, you have no mind, only fear.” “Courage is when you are you, no matter what the world thinks. Walking in truth is the new sexy.” “A great thing or action doesn’t have to be a big thing.””